SFX Makeup Kit Essentials

 November is coming– that means there is HALLOWEEN PARTY. It’s a festival known for the creepy and scary thing. As we know makeup has an important part for this festival and it’s also a task which we love to do at least. Here are some cheap special effects makeup that is right on your budget.

1. Water Activated Paint

Of course you need a water activated paint because it is easier to work with. These paints are long-lasting than the cream based makeup. You can control how much water to put in depending on the level of the opacity you would like.

This palette from Ben Nye is very pigmented and also cheap.

Ben Nye MagiCake Aqua Paint Palette ($28)

2. Blood

Your sfx makeup is not complete if there is no blood. There’s a wide variety of fake blood you need every type of blood consistency such as squirt blood, coagulated blood gel, and blood splatter but you can also diy your own fake blood it is economical for your part.



3. Pros-Aide

When you do sfx makeup there is some situation when you need to attach something in your face and in that situation you need some–  ADHESIVE!

Here is the best product with the best price.



06121_00_prod_Pros-Aide_15 ml
Pros-Aide ($5.75)

4. Glue

Sometimes you don’t need your eyebrows that is why you need some– GLUE! You can buy any brand you want or what type it is. Whatever do you prefer a liquid one or a stick one it will do the same thing to hide your eyebrows.


5. Liquid Latex

This one is a must! It is used for scars and gashes incorporate flesh and you can built it up using materials such as tissue paper and cotton.



Kryolan Liquid Latex ($10.50)

Now that your makeup kit is going to be completed, you can do crazy things on your face or on your body with all this product that I’ve recommended. Remember one thing that makeup doesn’t need to be pretty all the time. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR HALLOWEEN PARTY THIS UPCOMING NOVEMBER!

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